Gig Alert – Vinyl Casino @The Royal Park 22nd May

Our next gig is on 22nd May at the Royal Park pub, Leeds.
We’ll be playing with some great other bands including Those Delta Wolves and Humble Scoundrel.

You can book tickets here.



Last Minute Gig Announcement – VC @ Hirst’s Yard 24 Feb

Apologies for the lateness everyone, we’re playing at Hirst’s Yard in Leeds city centre tonight.

Music starts at 8pm, we should be on around 10pm. Hope to see you there!

We Are Vein-Tap Artists!

Guitar pedal builders Vein-Tap have kindly added us to their roster of artists.

Guitarist Harry has used one of their Skinny Little Switches with his Hayden Mofo 30w amp since before he can remember.

This pedal has featured in pretty much every VC performance, so here’s a highlight from Shuttle Shuffle Festival 2014:

Gig Alert – August 30th, Battle of the Bands @ Chapel Allerton Club

It’s battle of the bands at Chapel Allerton Club and Vinyl Cäsino will be there with our unique brand of funk/rock.

It’s an all day affair, so we won’t know when we’re playing until the day. The bands start playing from 1pm so keep tuned to our Facebook and Twitter on the day to find out when we’re playing!